The Pause Pack


Laura Betti, Owner

Laura's friends and family like to say it all started with a dog - her beloved Sheltie named Empi. If you ask Laura, the owner of Pause Dog Boutique, however, she'll tell you that she can never remember a time in her life when she hasn't been surrounded by dogs. Always an important part of her family and the loved ones around her, their presence has kept her grounded and fulfilled.

Laura’s Dogs

Empi is a Shetland Sheepdog (commonly called a Sheltie). Laura obtained her from a breeder in Cleveland, Ohio, while she was living and working at John Carroll University.

Empi is now 12-years-old. She loves barking (although we are working on that!), playing with Laura’s husband John, lounging on the couch and she likes to steer clear of Ella and Ramona whenever possible. Empi is a bit shy by nature, but she knows lots of great tricks, and will do anything for a treat! Empi has been forced to take a bit of a "back seat" because our terriers have such big personalities, but she remains Laura's first true love and is still her "special girl."

Ella and Ramona are Russell Terriers. Nope, not Jacks. Their parents were both Hunt Terriers, but since they were born with 51% or more white, they are actually...shhhh....misfits. Hunt Terriers are the ancestors of Russell Terriers. Ella and Ramona are atypical colored Hunt Terriers and/or the purest Russell Terriers descending directly from the Hunt Terrier lines. (We know it's confusing!)

Laura and John got Ella and Ramona from Aislinge Bray Terriers in Delhi, NY ( Ella is 7-years-old and has loads of...shall we say..."spunk." She's full of fun and is a clown by nature! Ella loves to terrorize Empi, she’s amazing with a Frisbee, and she enjoys curling up for a good snuggle. But most of all, she loves to shadow Laura. She follows Laura everywhere she goes.

Ramona, the newest addition to the pack, is 4. If we thought Ella was spunky, we were in for a rude awakening with this one! Ramona loves to play, climb on anything she can and snuggle when she's tuckered out. If there's trouble, Ramona knows how to find it. Turns out she was appropriately named after Beverly Cleary's children's book character "Ramona the Pest." Her and Empi are best buds...her and Ella, not so much!


Sammy Schreiber & Her Dog Riley

Having grown up in Rhinebeck, Sammy received her B.S. in Digital Media from Marist College. She does freelance graphic design as part of 7 dog design. Sammy enjoys drawing cartoon portraits for Pause, along with logos and stickers for Companion Ware. She illustrated the book, "A Day with Dutchess: Life Lessons From a Blind Therapy Dog."

Sammy can often be found working at Pause Dog Boutique with Riley, her 7 year old Australian Kelpie, as she manages the store for Laura on most weekdays. When not helping customers, Sammy is looking forward to lunch. Or snacks. Or dinner, if it's close to closing. Riley's best tricks include skateboarding and playing a miniature piano. But eating is his favorite. (Like dog, like owner.) He is always willing to high five or take a bow for a treat. He particularly enjoys watching kids skate by on the sidewalk and trying to steal kelp bones from the Pause stock.




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